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Parties & Events

From birthday parties, festivals, weddings and visits from/to clubs or groups... these sessions can be designed to suit your needs and interests and are all about having a great time! 


The typical cost for a 2-hour group event including all materials is:


£250 for 1 to 6 children 

£370 for 7 to 12 children

£490 for 13 to 20 children 

£610 for 21 to 30 children


Please note:


  • We can’t accommodate events for over 30 children at the Renboga site. 

  • An event of any size can be arranged at a third-party site - get in touch to discuss. 

  • Groups larger than 12 children will require the use of outdoor space at the Renboga site, so we may need to move to the barn on site for some or all of the session during the winter or adverse weather conditions.

  • There is some flexibility on the materials cost here; we can rein it to fit your budget or expand if you want to push the boat out.


All Renboga artists must complete an enrolment form before coming to the session. If you’ve been to Renboga before and have already completed the form there is no need to repeat it. Click here for the enrolment form.

If you'd like to book a bespoke session or learn more please get in touch. We’d love to know more about you and plan a session that meets your needs and interests.

All Ages







Group Size





Interested in booking a bespoke session?

If you're interested in some of my more bespoke offerings  then please get in touch using the form below. Provide as much detail as you can so we can put together your perfect event and I can provide an accurate quote. 

Thanks, I'll be in touch soon!

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