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        Rosie's classes are inspiring, creative and very fun! She is so calm and lovely with the children, they instantly warm to her lovely nature. Everyone will enjoy her classes, lots to do and make within the time. We can’t wait to go back soon 

Karina Williamson

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        Rosie is incredibly passionate about what she does and is providing a wonderful service to the local community. Definitely go and check out her classes!

Ray Ordette

         Rosie is so passionate for all things creative and is fantastic with both younger and older children. Her art courses are well planned, educational and always so much fun! Thank you lovely Rosie!

Kleopatra Veliki - Dennis

         We have had the pleasure of experiencing Rosie’s art session in a small group of children (ages 4-11) and Rosie also set up an art party for our 7-year-old with about 15 kids having a great time with small art project stations. Rosie is great at arts and nature and she is able to merge her forest school leader skills and her arts into inspiring and fun sessions where everyone gets to feel safe to be themselves. She is great at bringing everyone together doing interesting projects and using a variety of materials. She takes time to know each artist individually and has a great sense of how to inspire and guide them in the moment to make sessions flow in a beautiful state of creativity. She encourages artists to experiment, try out different materials and techniques and let them make their own discoveries. We look forward to the Renboga centre opening!

Paivi McDonald

         Rosie has nurtured my sons’ creative skills for the past 15 or so years. She has embedded a creative sensibility within them and been a great friend and guide to them and me. She is also an extremely talented artist and mentor. Plus super fun and kind!!

Rachel Yates

         Rosie has an amazing connection with children. She nurtures, inspires, builds confidence and makes them laugh. Her art skills and knowledge are fantastic, she puts so much care and dedication into her sessions. She is adaptable, patient, engaging and passionate. Our children love her classes.

Anne Elizabeth

A child's drawing of two people with the words 'I luve you Rosie'


Linda Harvey

Linda Harvey

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         Rosie is an inspiration and very talented artist and teacher.

Katie English

Cassie Ambrosini

         Rosie literally embodies creativeness! It flows through her and her passion for art is infectious. Rosie is the

loveliest person you'll ever meet and her courses will inspire all (young and old) to get creative.​

         Rosie is the sort of artist kids of all ages love, her dedication and determination to bring out the best in children is impressive. Ok she’s my niece, but believe me, she’s good.​


         I worked with Rosie in a pre school setting, she has such a flair for art and an amazing way of delivering art to children of all ages,  her enthusiasm is out of this world, the pre school children adored her as did my own children, child or adult Rosie is the gateway to an amazing art experience.

Lorraine Brew

         They say growing old is inevitable but growing up is a choice. Rosie’s enthusiasm and passion for all things creative will never be tarnished by age. She can relate to the youngest and oldest and can encourage and bring out the best in them. Her classes are fun, educational and bespoke for each group she teaches. She is definitely one in a million.

Linda Harvey

         Rosie is one of the very best people I've had the pleasure to watch working with children (and adults!) She is unimaginably caring, silly, considerate, funny, empathetic and gentle, and so so creative. I've worked alongside her and observed the genuine relationships she fosters with students, colleagues and families as well as seeing how she goes out of her way to bring art experiences to people who would not otherwise have access to the materials or tuition. She is a truly inspirational human who has succeeded in getting me (a reluctant artist) to feel comfortable and confident enough to make some lovely and meaningful projects, and I'd not hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for an unrivalled artistic and nurturing experience!


         Rosie is an outstanding art teacher. I say that because she has managed something I thought impossible - rekindle in me a creative spirit that I thought I had lost forever... Through her guidance and passion, I now relish any opportunity to pick up a pencil or paintbrush - especially with her. But not only that, Rosie has taken me to places that I have never been to before! Perspex painting? Needle felting? Paint spinning? I had no idea of the joy you could experience by letting your mind run free with the possibilities offered by these media. 

Charles Adams

         I have known Rosie for many years and she is such a dedicated and enthusiastic person. This new venture will I have no doubt be a great success, so if any aspect of art is your thing then please go and see Rosie and her great new business venture.

David Koch

         When Rosie was little, she was still silly then even when she was little, but she is funnier now she just gets sillier and sillier as she grows up

Sienna Morgan

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